Why am I asked to arrive early for my appointment?

We need to verify your insurance and information when you check in at every visit. Additionally, that allows time for us to review your medications, obtain vital signs, gather necessary information about your medical history, and complete breathing tests your doctor has ordered. 

Why is my copay due at checkin?

If your insurance plan requires a copay for a specialist office, we are contractually obligated by your insurance company to collect this at your visit any time you are scheduled to see one of our providers. If you do not have your copay, you may be asked to reschedule.

What happens when my provider orders a scan or procedure to be performed?

Our staff will contact your insurance company to obtain a prior authorization. Sometimes this requires that they review your records to make their determination, and depending on the insurance company that may take several days. Once we have the authorization number, our staff will send your referral to the imaging center of your choice, and they will call you to schedule an appointment.

Why am I unable to make my next appointment when I check out? 

We currently have our schedule open 4-6 weeks in advance, as it is subject to change based on the needs of our providers’ hospital coverage. 

Where is my appointment?

Daytime appointments are scheduled either in our main office at 3001 Lyndhurst Ave or our satellite office across the street at 2928 Maplewood Ave. The location will be listed on your appointment letter. You can also hear the address listed in the reminder phone call you will receive two business days prior to your appointment.